Weekly Policy Update: CBSA Raises Concerns about Importing Drugs From Canada, Plus A Full Review of this Month In Policy

This week President & CEO Jennifer Jones Paton spoke with 630 KHOW’s Krista Kafer about CBSA’s opposition to Senate Bill 5, which would create a Canadian drug importation program in Colorado. Throughout the conversation Jennifer explained that the innovators CBSA represents are dedicated to developing new treatments and cures and ensuring patients have access to those medicines, but this legislation would jeopardize patient safety and do little to reduce prescription drug costs.

Listen to the full interview here.

With just over one month left in the legislative session, CBSA is hard at work advocating on behalf of our members. For more information about CBSA’s state and federal advocacy efforts, check out this month’s policy update in the March Focus newsletter.

A complete list of CBSA’s positions on 2019 state legislation can be found here.

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