Weekly Policy Update: Colorado Life Sciences Leaders Update Senator Bennet on Critical COVID-19 Innovations

This afternoon CBSA hosted a virtual roundtable with Senator Michael Bennet to provide updates on the innovative work underway in Colorado to defeat COVID-19. In his opening comments, the Senator talked about how inspiring it is to learn about the solutions being developed by our life sciences community. He encouraged the group to continue providing regular updates and to let him and his staff know how they can be helpful in moving these technologies forward.

During the meeting, CBSA members spoke about how they have pivoted to address the impacts of COVID-19, deploying new tests and technologies that are making a huge difference in the management of this crisis. They also highlighted some of the challenges that the pandemic has exacerbated, including significant barriers to patient access. Finally, the Senator posed questions about the steps that need to be taken at a national level to more effectively support the pandemic response.

CBSA continues to work with federal, state, and local officials to promote and grow our life sciences ecosystem. Since the emergence of COVID-19, we’ve also focused on making sure our leaders understand the current needs of our ecosystem and know how our community is developing and delivering critical medical innovations to help everyone impacted by this disease.

If you have questions or need help contacting an elected official, please contact Emily Roberts.

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