Weekly Policy Update: Election Report


In the Senate, Republicans have retained their majority. The Republicans control 51 seats, the Democrats 44. In the House, Democrats will take the majority by more than 25 seats. Democrats controlling 225 seats and Republicans 197.

State Offices

Congressman Jared Polis (D) defeated State Treasurer Walker Stapleton (R).

The Democrats secured all statewide offices. Incumbent Secretary of State Wayne Williams (R) lost to Democrat Jena Griswold by a narrow margin. In the race for Attorney General, Phil Weiser (D) edged out Republican George Brauchler, and for State Treasurer, state Rep. Dave Young (D) won over Republican Brian Watson.


The Senate flipped from Republican to Democrat majority, leaving the GOP with a three-seat deficit in that chamber — 19 Democrats to 16 Republicans. In the House, every Democrat that was running for re-election kept their seat and the Democrats were able to flip three seats formerly held by Republicans to their control, while Republicans were able to flip one seat that was previously held by a Democrat. The new margin in the House is 39 Democrats to 26 Republicans

Ballot Measures

Measures Defeated

Proposition 110, which would have raised sales tax .62 percent creating an ongoing revenue source for transportation and infrastructure needs. This transportation initiative was defeated with about 40 percent support. CBSA supported Prop. 110.

Proposition 109, known as the “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative, asked voters to dedicate funding that is already being collected by the state to transportation, to the tune of $350 million annually. This initiative was defeated with only 39 percent of people supporting it. CBSA opposed Prop. 109.

Amendment 73, which was a $1.6 billion tax increase for preschool-to-12 public education. This initiative was defeated with only 45 percent of people supporting it. CBSA opposed Amendment 73.

Measures Passed

Amendments Y & Z, Fair Maps Colorado was a congressional and legislative redistricting package. This initiative creates transparency and fair approach to redistricting that should result in competitive seats throughout our state. Both of these initiatives passed.CBSA supported Amendments Y & Z.

For more information on the above ballot initiatives and CBSA’s positions click here.For full election results click here.

Thank you to Colorado Legislative Services for your work monitoring, reporting and tracking the local elections.

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