Weekly Policy Update: Industry Defeats Harmful Transparency Measures at the Capitol

CBSA had a busy legislative session advocating on behalf the industry against transparency measures that stood to stifle bioscience innovation in Colorado and failed to provide the relief patients need next time they pick up a prescription or schedule a procedure. On behalf of the Colorado BioScience Association, our members, and the bioscience industry, we thank the Colorado General Assembly and those leaders who opposed the harmful transparency measures.

Over the past 5 days, CBSA testified in opposition to HB18-1358, Health Care Charges Billing Required Disclosures; HB 1260, Prescription Drug Price Transparency and HB18-1009 – Diabetes Drug Pricing Transparency Act 2018. All three bills died in committee.

At CBSA we are dedicated to patients; to helping people live longer, healthier lives. That’s why we advocate for a holistic, collaborative approach to the drug price conversation. We are committed to working over the summer with the Colorado General Assembly on solutions to help ensure patients have affordable access to therapies and needed medicines.


With 3 working days left of the legislative session CBSA continues to work to advance legislation that improves the business, workforce and industry growth strategies in the State as well as address bills which stand to have a negative impact on the industry. Below is an update on where legislation stands.

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