Weekly Policy Update: Key Takeaways from the Colorado Election

Colorado voters were highly motivated in this year’s election. In fact, the state experienced record turnout, with over 80% of eligible voters participating in the election. As predicted, Colorado continued to trend towards becoming a solidly blue state, but there were some wins for Republicans too.

As of November 6, Joe Biden won the state of Colorado by 13 percentage points, and former Governor John Hickenlooper defeated incumbent Senator Cory Gardner by a margin of 8 points. In the seven U.S. Congressional district races, six incumbents won re-election easily. In the closest race of the night, Republican Lauren Boebert defeated Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, keeping the seat in Republican hands.

At the state level, Democrats succeeded in expanding their majority in the state Senate to 20D-15R and will keep the same majority in the state House at 41D-24R. Democrats now hold all statewide offices, in addition to both chambers of state legislature.

Learn more about the results of key state and federal races in the Colorado Legislative Strategies Report.

There were also 11 statewide measures on the ballot this election. CBSA took positions on two of those measures. Learn more about the positions we took and why.

  • Amendment B: Repeal Property Tax Assessment Rates (Gallagher Amendment) – PASSED
  • Amendment C: Conduct of Charitable Gaming – PASSED
  • Amendment 76: Citizenship Qualification of Voters – PASSED
  • Amendment 77: Local Voter Approval of Casino Bet Limits & Games – PASSED
  • Proposition 113: Adopt Agreement to Elect US President by National Pop. Vote – PASSED
  • Proposition 114: Reintroduction and Management of Grey Wolves – PASSED
  • Proposition 115: Prohibit Abortion After 22 Weeks – FAILED
  • Proposition 116: State Income Tax Rate Reduction – PASSED
  • Proposition 117: Voter Approval of Certain State Enterprises – PASSED
  • Proposition 118: Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program – PASSED
  • Proposition EE: Taxes on Nicotine Products – PASSED

Learn more about the results of the ballot measures in the Colorado Legislative Strategies Report.

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