Weekly Policy Update: Leadership Elections in the Colorado General Assembly

With final certification of ballots by the Secretary of State the final tally for the Democrats in the House is 41, leaving Republicans with only 24 seats. Democrats in the Senate hold the majority by three votes with 19 members.
Republicans have 16 seats in the Senate.

The next step as The Colorado General Assembly prepares for the upcoming legislative session which begins on January 4th are the leadership elections.
The elections took place last week and here are the results:

Notable House Seats:

  • Colorado’s House majority leader,Rep. KC Becker (D) of Boulder, was elected Speaker of the House
  • Rep. Alec Garnett (D) of Denver will replace Becker as majority leader.
  • Rep. Chris Kennedy(D) of Jefferson County was selected assistant majority leader
  • Rep. Edie Hooten(D) of Boulder County was named democrat caucus chair.
  • Rep. Patrick Neville (R) of Douglas County remains minority leader.
  • Rep. Kevin Van Winkle (R) of Highlands Ranch was chosen assistant minority leader.
  • Rep. Lori Saine (R) of Firestone becomes GOP caucus chair

Notable Senate Seats:

  • Sen. Chris Holbert (R) of Douglas County was elected Senate minority leader.
  • Sen. John Cooke(R) of Greeley was elected assistant minority leader
  • Sen. Vicki Marble (R) of Fort Collins as GOP caucus chair.
  • Sen. Leroy Garcia (D) of Pueblo will serve as president of a Colorado Senate.
  • Sen. Lois Court (D) of Arapahoe County was named president pro-tem.
  • Sen. Steve Fenberg (D) of Boulder County was elected majority leader
  • Sen.-elect Faith Winter (D) of Westminster was elected caucus chair
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