Your Help Needed Now: Tell Colorado Legislators to Protect Life Sciences Innovation

The Colorado state legislature is considering a bill that creates a state drug review board with the power to set payment rates for medicines in Colorado. The unelected board could set price limits without any legislative oversight.

CBSA shares the goal of improving healthcare affordability, but we oppose Senate Bill 175 because it threatens our collaborative life sciences ecosystem and could end up reducing the availability of medicines for Coloradans.

CBSA’s biggest concern is the board’s authority to set upper payment limits (UPLs) for certain drugs. State-mandated payment limits would:

  • Create regulatory uncertainty
  • Reduce investment in life sciences innovation
  • Adversely impact health care providers in the state
  • Limit patient access to the very medicines subjected to the UPL.

We are asking legislators to remove the board’s power to set prices.

Learn more about CBSA’s concerns.

We need your help!

As a member of Colorado’s life sciences ecosystem, you have the opportunity to prevent this bill from passing in its current form, but ony if you act now.

Here is what we are asking you to do:

  1. Reach out to members of the Colorado Senate using our sample email.
  2. Add any specifics about your company or organization.
  3. Send your emails by Thursday, April 29 at 5 p.m

Thank you for your immediate action.

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