Colorado BioScience Association Recognizes Legislators of the Year at 19th Annual Awards Celebration

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) recognized two state legislators for their leadership on issues critical to life sciences at the 19th Annual Awards Celebration Presented by AGC Biologics on November 16, 2022. Senator Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19 (Jefferson) and House Minority Leader Representative Mike Lynch, House District 65 (Wellington and Windsor), were named CBSA Legislators of the Year.

CBSA thanks Senator Zenzinger and Representative Lynch for collaborating with CBSA on our work to build a pro-business environment for life sciences innovation. These legislative champions ensure that the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant program, the Advanced Industries Tax Credit Program, and other initiatives that support life sciences innovation continue to contribute to the growth and health of life sciences in our state.

House Minority Leader Representative Mike Lynch is a leader for our ecosystem and was a champion for life sciences during the most recent legislative session. He was one of the legislators who co-sponsored House Bill 22-1149 to re-authorize the Advanced Industries Tax Credit Program.

CBSA was proud to honor Representative Mike Lynch for his hard work advocating for and sponsoring this legislation. CBSA partnered with Colorado OEDIT and the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association to ensure this vital legislation passed. Working together, the tax credit program was expanded by 433%. Four million dollars in state tax credits will be available to qualified investors beginning next year.

This legislation supports the incredible breakthroughs driving Colorado’s innovation economy. Health innovators from Colorado are developing tests, treatments, and cures that will save and change lives around the world. This work requires access to capital at all stages of research, development, and commercialization. The Advanced Industries Tax Credit is critical to efforts to bring discoveries from the laboratory bench to a patient’s bedside. It supports the growth and health of Colorado’s vibrant life sciences community.

Senator Rachel Zenzinger is a strong advocate for the life sciences in Colorado. She understands the global impact of the ecosystem’s innovations and recognizes that life sciences in Colorado is a key economic growth driver for the state.

She advocates for the sector and has been supportive of CBSA’s policy priorities and during the COVID-driven state budget cuts, she worked with the Joint Budget Committee to protect funding for the critical Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant

Program. This is beneficial to many CBSA ecosystem leaders choosing Colorado to launch a new life sciences company or to relocate an existing one, creating good, high-paying jobs, and attracting even more investment.

CBSA was proud to honor these two staunch advocates as the 2022 CBSA Legislators of the Year!

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